We are passionate about helping students and teachers around the world! Over 300 high school and college students are actively using MathOCR as a homework help and dozens of teachers use it as a grading tool. The app leverages complex image-processing techniques and state-of-the-art tools like Tensorflow for reading and processing math handwriting.
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Mobile app developed using React Native for calculating ideal diet plans for pet owners, sharing nutrition reports and much more!
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Argyle Calculator
Web app that lets users visualize their income and employment history, project future income, and conduct calculations on their data.
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Operator App
Argyle Operator is an admin tool for companies looking to onboard customers for Argyle link. Generates landing pages, sends text messages and emails to invite your users to link Argyle.
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Emburse Cards
We helped Emburse reach thousands more website visitors by reworking their landing pages making them look astonishing and fully-responsive.
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