Over the last 12 years we built numerous robust and user-friendly apps and took part in dozens of ambitious projects. ALL of our clients were greatly satisfied working with us due to our customer-centric approach. We put customers like YOU above anything else.

Mobile Applications


We are very passionate about helping students and teachers around the world! Over 300 high school and college students are actively using MathOCR as a homework help and dozens of teachers use it as a grading tool. The app leverages complex image-processing techniques and state-of-the-art tools like Tensorflow for the best results at reading and processing handwriting and LaTeX.

SNV People

Building lightweight and user-friendly apps running complex computations under the hood is our speciality! SNV People is a perfect example of such app. It takes a user through a questionnaire about their pet. Shortly after the questionnaire is submitted the user receives various vet recommendations for their pet including ideal diet plan, workout routine and more!

Web Applications

Emburse Cards

We helped Emburse reach hundreds more people and at least doubled their conversation rate! Their website ranks much higher in Google Search Results thanks to our SEO optimizations and it's fully responsive on all devices. We make sure the websites we build look beautiful and follow the latest UI design patterns.

SNV Industry

Presenting tons of information to users in a comprehensive way has always been challenging. But not for us! We make sure every part of your website or app is readable and easy-to-use. We make great efforts to make you and your customers happy. We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied!