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We are very passionate about helping students and teachers around the world! Over 300 high school and college students are actively using MathOCR as a homework help. And dozens of teachers use it as a grading tool.

The app is very easy to use and reads wide range of mathematical expressions in a matter of seconds. Our powerful computational engine generates 2D and 3D interactive graphs and delivers step-by-step solutions to math problems!

Full Description

MathOCR leverages complex image processing techniques as well as state-of-the-art Machine Learning tools like TensorFlow for the best results at reading and processing handwriting and LaTeX.

Multi-Layer Neural Network proved to give the best recognition result. It reported over 95% accuracy rate tested against over 100,000 images where each image represents a single letter or symbol.

Initially, we used CROHME dataset for research, however as the number of users grew we collected more and more image samples to train our neural network on.

We share all of our knowledge we gained over the course of working on MathOCR on our blog and we published several tools (including CROHME dataset parser) that make it easy for researchers to solve the task of reading mathematical formulas from photos.


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