We are Python and Django experts,
mobile app developers, software architects.

What Do We Do?

Get your idea off the ground in no time thanks to our team of experts who completed many MVPs and Prototypes for startups.
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We ensure professional deployment and maintenance of your code, be always up to date, secure and safe!
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We provide manual and automated testing ensuring optimized and bug-free code for your project.
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How Do We Work?

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We want to suit your needs, but first we need to understand your vision! Meeting and exchanging ideas will allow us to potentially improve your product before we even get down to coding.

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We will present you with our plan of making your product come to life. Our development schedule estimation will allow you to make an informed decision whether our offer satisfies your needs.

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If you deem our plan adequate, we will divide the workload among our engineers per their specialization and immediately begin working on bringing your product to life!

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About Us

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We keep you in the loop

We stick to Agile Scrum methodology, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It allows us to iterate over features in predictable time frames and quickly. This encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

RooTXNET ensures a flexible approach to Client’s requirements for the processes of development and testing, therefore, the classic models of project management can be optimized for the needs of the Client’s business.

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Business Trips

Our engineers and managers are ready for business trips. We have extensive experience in nearshoring and offshoring software development for our clients, sometimes it requires large knowledge transfers and brainstorming sessions that are best done face-to-face.

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Startup Mindset

Most of our clients were startups, some of us started our own! We are fully aware that you need professionals who will quickly grasp your idea, be flexible, opinionated and solid to help you get your foot in the door!
We are mindful of the scaling, monitoring and security concerns stemming from successful projects, we will make sure you can focus on growing your business!

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Dedicated Engineers

Creating complex solutions requires deep understanding of the problem, our developers take ownership of their work, build documentation and provide expertise so the team is always ready to scale.
You will always know who specializes in which part of the system.

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Communication Is The Key!

There can be no mistakes or misunderstandings, our engineers are vocal about any concerns, we are ready to brainstorm ideas when needed. We are available on Slack, e-mail, Skype and on the phone to keep you in the loop. Our team is distributed, we have people working during Los Angeles, Hong Kong as well as Berlin business hours!

What Do We Use?