Instagrow: Feature Automation for Instagram Influencers

Subscription based web application allowing marketers, public figures and influencers to expand their audiences by automating repetitive user interaction tasks.

Business Challenge

Client expectations and goals
Our client required an application catering to the needs of Instagram influencers with tens of thousands of followers. Such popular figures find it hard to stay in touch with their vast audiences, often losing parts of their followings due to technical limitations of Instagram.

Above all the client required:
  • Automatic liking and commenting of posted media
  • Automatic replying to direct messages
  • System stability for thousands of users
  • Support for hundreds of operations every minute
  • Flexibility during the development phase
We were asked to add any features considered by us as an improvement to the product, while also being responsive to any changes or additions the client wanted to be implemented.


Our approach to the problem
  • We stayed in touch on every step of the application's development cycle, showcasing every new feature implemented.
  • Our client was regularly updated on our progress and we directly collaborated with them by altering the product according to their ever-changing needs.
  • Week-long periods of major feature releases and tests ensured stable development and put our customer at ease, dispelling any doubts about our commitment.
  • Being experienced in working with clients in different time zones, we stayed flexible and ensured that our working hours conveniently overlapped the gaps in their busy schedule.


The final product
Our developers created an interface allowing the user to view a listing of all the users currently following or being followed by them. Additionally one can create their own lists to keep track of noteworthy characters.

The user can follow everyone on their lists or select people whose media they wish to automatically like or comment with a predefined message. Such an approach allows for many more interactions with one's following in a matter of minutes, ensuring the popularity of the consumer.

Users may set up an auto-reply and a keyword triggering it, making the consumer seem like they are responding to every single message sent from their fans.

They can also view a listing of their posts, having the ability to track the number of likes and comments added to that media. This allows for easily identifying which posts cater the most to the user's current audience.

The application's front end is based on React powered by two backends using Python for handling database operations and user interactions, and NodeJS for operations requiring interfacing with Instagram. Such compartmentalisation effectively separates each of the major workings of the website, making the code clean and easily expanded upon.

By creating a stable and clean application supporting future expansions, we managed to satisfy our client by them seeing a return on investment and their end users by providing a useful and easy to use application.

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